What are cookies?

Cookies (or any other similar software with the same purpose, such as local shared objects or flash cookies) are files that are downloaded on your computer, cell phone or tablet , when you browse certain websites. Among other things, cookies allow the website to store and recover information related to the user’s browsing preferences and, depending of the information it gathers and the way the terminal is used, may be used to identify the user.

What type of cookies does this website use?

A) Depending on who is the owner of the device or web domain from which the cookies are being send:

  • First Party cookies: cookies sent to the user’s device from a computer or domain managed by Lexland, and from which the services are provided.
  • Third Party Cookies: those that are sent to the user’s device from a computer or domain that is not managed by Lexland but by another entity that manages the data obtained through the cookies.

B) According to the length of time the cookies remain active:

  • Session Cookies: those designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page.(for example; the list of products purchased).
  • Persistent Cookies: those stored in the user’s device that can be accessed and used for an undefined period of time that can range from a few minutes to several years.

C) According to their purpose:

  • Analysis Cookies: those that are either managed by us or by third parties and that allow to quantify the number of users, allowing us to measure and analyze the use made by users of the services provided. The objective of analyzing the user’s browsing preferences on our website is to improve the services that we offer.
  • Advertising Cookies: those that are either managed by us or by third parties that allow offering tailored ad spaces in the website, depending on the requested services the user makes of our website. We analyze your browsing preferences on the Internet in order to show you advertising suited to your navigation profile.
  • Technical Cookies: those that allow the user to navigate through a website or application platform and use different services, such as login in, accessing to restricted areas, remembering a purchase list, requesting for registration, using certain security features while browsing, or store sounds or videos in order to share them through social networks.
  • Customization Cookies : those that allow the user to access the website services with some features set according to the setting of the user’s terminal, such as language, adjusting to the type of browser through which the user access the service , regional configuration from which the user access the service , etc.

Disabling and/or removing cookies

The user can allow, block or delete cookies installed on its device by setting its browser settings.

For more information on Internet Explorer:


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Use of cookies

In this website we also use third party cookies to analyze browsing information and to allow the user to share content through social networks and play videos hosted on another website. In the following links you can check the “cookies policy” of each of these entities:


When you browse our website, you accept the installation and use of cookies.

You may withdraw this consent at any time by deleting the cookies installed on your device through your browser options, as described in “Disabling or removing cookies”. However, please note that this may impact on the functionality of the website and make the user’s experience less satisfactory.