Sometimes it can be difficult for expats living in Spain to find one´s way around the Spanish Legal system. That is why is aimed to provide legal advice, guidance and information on a wide range of issues affecting the expat community in Spain. You will find regular articles and advice throughout our website regarding a variety of legal fields, from Commercial Law to Family Law, Taxes, and much more.

Whether you are planning on starting a business in Spain, wanting to purchase a property, or filing for insolvency, we hope to provide you with the most updated and complete information.

The information that users receive on is offered by the experienced professionals from Lexland Lawyers.

Lexland Lawyers is a Full Service Law Firm providing legal solutions to any situation presented by the client. They have a strong division of legal services and every professional in their team is specialized in a particular field of law, allowing Lexland to cover all areas of the Spanish legal system.

Lexland´s multilingual professional team speaks more than 10 languages, allowing them to advise clients from almost anywhere in the world in their own language and with a deep understanding of their cultural background.

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